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Celebration of Rusty's Surfer's Journal Feature at Birds Surf Shed

Last Sunday, Rusty's friends, surf legends, and VIP customers, came together at Bird's Surf Shed to celebrate Rusty's feature in The Surfer's Journal and a lifetime of achievement in the surf industry. It was a full circle moment being surrounded by so much history while looking back on Rusty's accomplishments. Below are some highlights from the event. 

We were all mesmerized by the decor of Bird's Surf Shed. Everyone was looking at the old boards all night long. 


Here is a closer look at Rusty and Bird Huffman giving a speech to cap off the night. Photo by John Durant. 

Rusty signed a few copies of the Surfer's Journal Magazine. 

We loved having everyone come out and chatting up with old friends. Here is a photo of the people behind the magic, the Rusty crew, taken by John Durant.