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Ella McCaffray's Favorite Rusty Models

Ella McCaffray riding the Enough Said. | Photo: Kurt Steinmetz

Ella McCaffray is one of San Diego's most promising up-and-comers and we're stoked to have her on the team. Here we break down Ella's current 3 favorite models out in the lineup...

Enough Said

What Ella rides: 5’5


The Enough Said, is a thumb tail performance shortboard that features a fairly relaxed proven nose rocker and a heavy single concave in the back half of the board. The tail rocker is slightly lower to accommodate the heavy concave.There is slightly less volume under the chest to minimize the swing weight. This board is designed to react quickly in the pocket when you need it most.

I ride my 5’5” Nuff Said more than any board. The round tail makes it super versatile, from punchy Georges beach breaks to ledgy drops in La Jolla it can do everything. When it’s bigger the tail offers bite but it can grovel too. This is my go to contest board, especially when the tide is changing the conditions every 30 minutes.” - Ella McCaffray


What Ella rides: 5’4"


The new “SD” or, San Diego shortboard, is designed to be the ideal go-to shortboard for Southern California. The “SD” performs well in everything from the softer beachbreaks of Del Mar and Leucadia to the hollow reef breaks of La Jolla and Sunset Cliffs. Because of the versatility of the SD design it is the ideal one board quiver for a trip to anywhere on the East Coast.

This board is a great all-around San Diego small wave performance board. It generates speed really well and maintains speed through maneuvers so it makes surfing mushy North County a lot of fun. When it’s small or mushy, this is the board ride.” - Ella McCaffray


What Ella rides: 5


The SR-71 is the fastest manned jet ever built. Blackbird is its nickname. Based on that concept we designed this board to cover ground quickly! Developed for the bigger days chasing down peaks in open waters and battling currents, it is the perfect wave-hawking weapon.It features added volume, an area-forward outline, lower entry rocker and a light vee in the nose, allowing it to paddle into anything, even in the toughest of surf conditions. With a slight single- to double-concave bottom running through the fins and rounded pintail, the Blackbird delivers smooth transitions and fast, clean lines. A heavy hitter for any arsenal!

This is my favorite board, because it means that the surf is pumping. This is my step up and I have surfed this board into 8-foot Sunset and solid Blacks. It paddles super fast when there is current and is super locked in on big drops and down the line but will release off the top when you need it to.” - Ella McCaffray