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Jon Gubbins | Charging Pipe

Jonathan Gubbins lives the life most dream of. He travels the world and surfs the best waves that we only can drool at when seeing photos in the mags and online. Jonathan has been cruising in Oahu and has been scoring to say the least.

Hawaii has gotten some pretty epic swells over the last couple of months and Jonathan has been there every second of it scoring some bombs. As we all know, Pipe is a beast in of itself and the crowds there aren't slim. Jonny boy was not only able to score out at Pipe, but he has the pics to prove it.

We reached out to Jon and asked him to give us an update on his whereabouts and what it's like scoring at Pipe. Here's what he said:

"Pipe has been firing this January. The wave is so intense and crowded but the reward of getting a good one makes the ride so special. Boards have been working great, riding between 6'6 to 7"0, low entry rocker, round pin. Stoked with the result and looking forward to spend some time in Tahiti and get some solid Teahupoo. Later in the year I'm going to move to Desert Point and hopefully Namibia. I am really happy with Rusty Surfboards. Traveller and the Blackbird are insane models for barrel riding. Also pretty amped to see the out come of the movie I've been working on this last year called Blue Frontier that is premiering this year and has some really good footage of my favorite breaks. (Teahupoo, Desert Point, Skeleton Bay, etc)."

Keep up the good work Jon and we can't wait to see more sick shots of your travels!