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The Smoothie is 2016 Board of the Year!

SAN DIEGO, California - We’re stoked to announce that our 2016 model the Smoothie is Rusty Surfboards’ Board of the Year!

"The Smoothie provides for nice, smooth, continuous turns, clean follow through, and handles an even wider range of surf than its predecessor the Piranha,” says Rusty Preisendorfer. “The Smoothie has turned out to be a very versatile's been our best selling board this year."

The Smoothie was developed by Rusty Preisendorfer and was based off of the popular model the  Piranha. The design was re-tooled with a clean, full, round pin and a timeless outline designed to accommodate a wide range of conditions. The bottom starts with a slight roll in the nose transitioning to a light single through the center. This shallow single blends into a sunken double concave in front of the fins and an elevated double concave between the fins that finally ends in a double barrel vee of the tail. If you can’t appreciate the tech talk, just know that the board surfs fast & smooth. Just watch it in action in the video below.

Our friends over at Real Watersports absolutely love the Smoothie and have given 4 Reasons Why the Smoothie is the Rusty Surfboard of the Year:

1. Huge Wave Range - Perfect daily driver, travel board or "one board wonder" that tackles a massive range of wave shapes and types. 5 fin boxes give you even more options and range.

2. Exceptional Paddle Power - Wide point forward outline, low entry rocker and generous helping of foam underneath the chest plus low entry rocker means the Smoothie can paddle fast enough to catch bigger, longer period swells. The same paddle power helps to catch thigh-high mushburgers.

3. Confidence and Control - Tapered rails and a clean round-pin tail provide control, hold, and confidence in steeper, more powerful surf.

4. Doesn't just "work" in a huge range of conditions, it RIPS in a huge range of conditions!

The crew at Real has also done an in-depth review of the Smoothie and it goes deep.  Check it out and more HERE.

To learn more about the Smoothie and to see more videos,  click HERE.