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What boards are featured in Zeke & Destroy?


Jacob Zeke Szekely’s movie Zeke and Destroy showcases his amazing collection of Rusty surfboards. The movie was filmed over the course of two years, with clips from breaks all over the world. But the most pressing question is… “What was he riding?”

We sat down with Jacob in the factory and dove into the sections of his movie to talk boards… specifically Rusty surfboards. Zeke and Destroy was stacked with an all-time lineup of RDots. Throughout the years he has curated such a collection that he has boards for any condition.

“It’s been insane, I was super fortunate to have an amazing quiver of Rusty boards throughout the 2 and a half years of filming for this movie, I had the perfect board for every condition. I’m super grateful to not only have their support but to also ride for the best surfboard brand in the world”. You heard it here first, Jacob we are grateful for you too. Now let's look into his quiver!

The movie opens with scenes in California. Most of these clips were taken right when COVID hit, so Jacob was staying more local. It’s only fitting that he rides his SD model, specifically the 5’6 SD. He rode an in-line version of the SD and also a shrunken down version that he custom made with Rusty and Pedro. When it got a little bigger he took his 6’0 Blackbird and his 5’8 New Traveler to the local slabs around San Diego. Jacob mentioned that besides the barrel clips he pretty much stuck with Epoxy boards. In the barrels and bigger clips he opted for EPoly. You can read more about board composition in our blog post, PU vs Epoly vs Epoxy.

Next he went on to Hawaii. He surfed Pipeline where he stuck to his 7’2 Blackbird. He rode the Blackbird for almost 3 weeks, even taking it out on smaller days just for the extra paddle power “It was pretty much all Blackbird at Pipeline…best pipe waves of my life”. On smaller days at Backdoor or Rocky Point, he took out his 5’7 Keg and his 5’8 What?. I swear, no matter what, Jacob will always have a What? Model with him. He stays true to his favorite models. 



Jumping to the next adventure, he spent 10 days in Tahiti with Tereva. When describing this trip Zeke said, “The trip was next level, it was a quick but rad strike mission”. He pretty much only rode the 5’8 What? model during his time in Tahiti. However, he did snag a 6’4 New Traveler that was initially custom made for Caio Ibelli the day before his trip. The What? worked great for smaller days at Teahupoo and Ta’apuna. Then when the waves picked up he pulled out the New Traveler. What an amazing trip!

Back to the US, he stopped by the wave pool in Waco with friend and Rusty team rider Wade Carmichael. Zeke definitely knows his way around a wave pool. He took out a modified SD that was tweaked to be more of a wave pool board, with the deepest part of the concave in the entry. He said “the Epoxy SD works insane in a wave pool”.

Heading down south, Zeke finished his travels in Mexico. He took out a 5’6 custom tow board—the green board you see in the movie. He said, “Rusty makes some insane tow boards and has been making them for like 20 or 30 years for guys in Mexico and Hawaii like Jamie Sterling”. He also brought down a yellow 8’0 Traveler that Clint Preisendorfer shaped for him about 6 years ago. He’s been hanging onto that one. On the smaller days, he brought out his 6’2 Blackbird. Looks like the trip down to Mex was insane. 


We love to see Zeke flex his quiver. He also threw in clips of a 5’7 custom Padres SD. These boards were insane, much love for the Pads. Honorable mentions were his 5’7 Keg, his 5’5 Dozer and his Neil Diamond. You’ll see some clips of these boards thrown in the mix. This movie really showed Zeke’s diversity in his quiver, and we loved seeing him use these boards to their full potential. Can’t wait for the next movie, for now we’ll stay tuned to his vlogs!

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