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Clint Preisendorfer & WakeEffects 2015

Clint Preisendorfer has been hard at work creating and improving upon his newest venture within shaping, creating a line of Rusty wake boards. Clint has been pumping out quite a few wake boards and shipping them off to WakeEffects for them to test and use in Missouri. Clint just got back from a trip to Missouri where he visited the WakeEffects shop, met with customers and went out on the lake to catch a few with the WakeEffects crew.

"It's pretty exciting to have Clint here with us" said Nick Franklin of WakeEffects. "I don't think any of our customers really understand the positive side of being able to meet somebody like Clint who shapes surfboards… It's great to see that companies like Rusty Surfboards are interested in getting into our small niche market of wake boarding and wake surfing."

Even the likes of our very own Josh Kerr has been testing out these wake boards and has been ripping on them. See Kerrzy wake surfing down in Brazil here. With this exciting new venture in wake boarding and wake surfing, we are excited to be able to take our boards inland to the lakes and rivers. See the video from Clint's time with WakeEffects in Missouri above.