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Josh Kerr | Rusty Wake Boards | Tige Boats

Clint Preisendorfer has been working hard on pumping out a bunch of new wake surfboards for Wake Effects and it's been getting a lot of buzz. Team rider Josh Kerr has been testing out some of these wake surfs and has been absolutely ripping on these boards behind his borrowed Tige boats. From Australia to Brazil and back to the US Josh has been everywhere on these things and it's definitely grabbing the attention of more and more people.

Just recently,, the boats creating the perfect wakes that you can see Kerrzy ripping on, has featured him and the newly named "Snaggle Tooth" wake surfboard designed by Clint Preisendorfer front and center on their website (Click here to see it) with the video attached below. In the video, watch Kerrzy blow your mind with how good he is behind the boat. Forget the WSL, Josh Kerr could be a serious contender for the WWA (World Wakeboard Association) championship!