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Rusty Wakesurfs Now Available!

SAN DIEGO, California - Clint Preisendorfer has been working long and hard over the past couple of years doing extensive R&D and he’s finally found the formula for the perfect wakesurf. We’re stoked to announce that Rusty Surfboards is now offering wakesurfs!

Available now are two different models, the Skunk Monkey and the Snaggle Tooth. The Skunk Monkey has a wider outline and flatter rocker that make this board very fast. The concave deck packs more volume in the board while keeping your center of gravity low. The rails are closely related to a small-wave ocean surfboard with a sharp, low apex towards the edge, quickly becoming thick towards the center. The shape of the rail helps the rider recover speed through big maneuvers. The Snuggle Tooth is a high performance wakesurfboard with a thumbtail and a bat-nose. The unique nose shortens the board rail line and prevents pearling (nosediving). The bottom contour has a deep double concave, creating maximum lift and maneuverability.

We’ve also launched a wakesurf specific page on the website fully dedicated to all things Rusty Wakesurfing. Check it all out HERE.