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1993's Hit Overdrive Featured On Surfline

Remember the good ole’ days when VHS videos were our source of video entertainment and DVD’s were a futuristic concept? Today, VHS has taken the backseat or rather the trunk of the car as the DVD is the new mainstream way of watching videos at home. Regardless of what devices you choose to watch your videos on, old school surf movies are the best and the classics from the 80′s, 90′s, and early 2000′s are still watched on those dusty VHS players giving us a bit of nostalgia of the classics that used to be.

In 1993, Rusty Productions came out with Overdrive a hit in it’s day and remembered today as a classic surf flick. Surfline recently did a feature “Highlighting 9 VHS’s From the 90′s That Should Be Remastered” and what do you know, Overdrive was among the chosen. See the feature below. To see the full list of classics chosen by Surfline, check out the feature here.