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Anthony Fillingim Wins National Championship

Photos: Fredo.barquero

SANTA TERESA, Costa Rica - Team rider Anthony Fillingim blew minds over the weekend at the second to last stop of the national circuit in Costa Rica after he completely dominated the event taking the win once again, but not only that, he scored a perfect heat in the final with two 10-point rides. With this win Anthony accumulated enough points to win the national championship and with one last event to go. Anthony was riding the Kerrosover, a model from Josh Kerr’s signature models.

“Anthony was unstoppable this weekend here at the national circuit,” said Miguel Lima, Rusty’s Costa Rican rep. “He won the open division on the 6th stop of national circuit at Santa Teresa and now no other competitor can reach him at the ranking!”

We’re so stoked to have Anthony rep the R dot and are so proud to have him on our team and representing Costa Rica. Congrats to this young surfer, we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!