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Introducing the Mi Amigo, 2018 Model

Watch team rider Kevin Schulz test drive our 2018 model, Mi Amigo.  

The Mi Amigo is a high performance board with an old foil revisited. The rocker is relaxed at both ends and the template has a 2.5 inch difference in width between the nose and tail. The bottom features a light single concave that is deepest between the feet, approximately 0.15 inches.The tail thickness is what really makes this board different. The last 12 inches of the board is where the rail gets blocky and the deck gets progressively flatter as it comes to the block. The block is approximately .25 of an inch thicker than the norm, which is roughly .5 of an inch. This slightly thicker tail block and its square contour helps to keep the tail higher in the water and the angular contours release water more efficiently.

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