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Josh Kerr // "Pigeonholed"

The newest feature rolling out from called the RED Camera Film Festival Competition is in full effect and creating a lot of buzz in the surf industry. REDirectSurf is a film festival competition in which the top 12 surf filmmakers were given a $50,000 RED Camera package and 4 months to go out and make a film of their choice. Last week we saw Rusty Surfboards team rider Nic Vaughan featured in an entry by filmmaker Bryce Lowe-White called "[UN]FORSEEN" and now this week we see the one and only Josh Kerr get featured in the submission by filmmaker Jacob Wooden. The short film is 14 minutes long and is called "Pigeonholed."

In the short film, Kerr takes a trip to Mexico and brings along a different variety of boards ripping and having a blast through it all. "I had a blast shooting it with him [Jacob Wooden] and am pumped on the finished product!" said Kerr.

In addition to the REDirect competition there is also a "viewer's choice" component of the judging which is strictly off of number of views, so any traffic driven to this piece is huge. To view the short film about Josh Kerr, click the link below to check it out. It's sick!