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Josh Kerr’s Favorite Film Parts | Surfer

Josh Kerr | Photo: Chachi 

Ever wonder what sections in surf flicks get the pros psyched to surf? Here, catches up with Kerrzy and asks him to list his Top 5 favorite film sections of all time. See a little preview of the piece below.

Excerpt from the article:

Over the past few years, Josh Kerr has been able to strike a rare balance between competing on the World Tour and producing some of the best video sections in surf cinema. While ranking no lower than 11th on the ‘CT throughout the last few seasons, he’s released a full-length bio-flick, (Kerrzy), and put together aerial-laden segments in a handful of web clips (“Light”, “Pigeonholed”, “TUFF”, “Our Kind of Brazil”, etc). And they’ve all been fan favorites. To find out which video parts influenced him growing up, we called Kerr while he was at his home in California and asked for his top five picks.

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