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Josh Kerr | Stab Mag Interview

Kerrzy doin his thing at home on the Goldy. | Photo Courtesy: Stab Mag

Our boy Kerrzy is smack dab in the midst of the 2015 Season Opener on the Gold Coast and while on a lay day sat down and had a chat with the boys at Stab Mag. Kerr talks about his adoration of the new WSL, his World Title hopes and spoilers, moving the comp to D'Bah and his thoughts on the new crop of kids on tour. Here's a sneak peak:

Josh Kerr is an eternal Stab fav. How could he not be, given his enduring youthful enthusiasm, air show world champ trophies and continual penchant for envelope-pushing in the water? In round one of the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks, Kerrzy paddled out to one of the most wave-starved heats of the round, falling victim to conditions rather than his own performance. But them’s the breaks, and Mr Kerr still loves the world tour – now, more than ever. Plus, while Stab was rolling with him, Josh received a text informing him that the event will, as of tomorrow, go down at D’bah. “They’re moving it right now, for us tomorrow,” says Josh. “I just got a text: First call 6:30am, be prepared to compete at D’bah from tomorrow onwards. Tomorrow onwards… full stop. Sounds like if they’re gonna move it to D’bah, they’re gonna go all out at D’bah. Such a bummer though, ‘cause that whole setup at Snapper is so good…”

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