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Real Watersports Reviews The Muffin Top

Real Watersports, one of the biggest online surf retailers has reviewed our newest model the 2016 'Muffin Top'. Tripp and Chris from Real Watersports went into great detail about the board, their experiences with the board, and their suggestions for who the board is best suited as well as where you'll have the most success riding it. Here are some highlights from their review and watch their video review in the video below.

" This board is really easy to surf with a fast paddling outline, foam flow and rocker that gets you into countless waves (early) with good speed out of the gate thanks to its modern bottom shape."

" In the turns, this board had incredible drive off the bottom, due mostly to the parallel outline, flat deck and angular rails. A few of the waves we surfed are mostly impossible to connect all the sections (unless you’re a super pro), where on the Muffin Top, it actually became easy with speed to burn into open face wraps back into the pocket."

" The easy to surf, stylish flow of this board make it great for anything from mushy day groveling up to third session good surf where you’re looking for a different feel and line to end the day."



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