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Rusty Ohana Hits O-Side For A Day Of Fun

OCEANSIDE, California - While everyone was in town for the Circus, otherwise known as the US Open of Surfing, the Rusty Ohana decided to get together and have a day of fun out of the office and we headed to the beach, obviously!

The boys from Oz came down, the crew from Rusty Laguna and Rusty America showed up and of course all of us from Rusty Surfboards met at the infamous Buccaneer Beach in Oceanside, California to catch a few waves, eat a burrito or two, and just let of a little steam and have some fun.

We also had our friends from Hansens Surfboards and Surfride and we even had pros Josh Kerr, Noa Deane, and Dylan Goodale all there joining in on the fun. The waves were pretty minimal, alright it was flat, but we still all paddled out and managed to catch the few that did come in. We of course drove up the demo van and had it filled with all of our latest demo boards, so at least there was no shortage on boards!

All in all, it was great day filled with team bonding and something we all love: surfing. Check out the video below courtesy of the guys at Hansen Surfboards who put together a fun edit of everyone surfing that morning. Can't wait to do it again! Yeww!