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Slabs & Punts With Josh Kerr // Surfing Life

Photo: by Corey Wilson for SL 313.

If you have to think of what team rider Josh Kerr is known for, you’re probably thinking it’s gonna be his aerials and tube riding. Surfing just did a sweet little write up on Kerrzy and they get his POV on slabs and punts. Here are some highlights:

“For me, it was just about being a kid and getting really excited about getting in the air, as I’m sure most kids these days are too. It’s so easy to get excited as a kid, jumping off the wave, doing chop hops and the rest of it… That’s where it all started. And then I just started getting a little more obsessed with it than everybody else, I guess. It was one of my favourite things to do, just fling myself into the air, and then when I started landing on my feet it’s all I ever wanted to do.”

“That feeling when you take off and not knowing if you’re even gunna make it to your feet. I love that feeling when I’m paddling into it. There is absolutely nothing that beats that.”

Photo: Bosko shot for SL 313.

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