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STAB Mag Reviews The Blade

The hype is real. The Blade is becoming one of our most popular models among our team riders and is a board that at first sight makes you drool. But does it ride as good as it looks? STAB's Michael Ciaramella put the Blade to the test and is sharing his thoughts on the board.

The review breaks down who the board is best suited for, conditions it's best suited in, and how it surfs. Here are a few highlights from the review:

"Instantly I felt it—the speed, drive, and maneuverability of the Blade all meshed into one transformative sensation, unlocking levels of fun that surfing often promises but rarely grants."

"With four beautiful channels streaking off the tail, this blunt object carves better than one might expect. It ain't a "high-performance shorty", but it is called The Blade for a reason. Fear not my heavy-footed friends!"

"All I can hope is that the connection I felt underfoot translated well to video. Because this really is a special surfboard."

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