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Stab Takes the Miso for a Joyride

stab joyride rusty miso

In STAB Mag's Joyride series, Mikey Ciaramella takes out different boards for a 'joy ride' and gives them a proper review. In their latest Joyride piece our very own Miso model is put under the microscope. Mikey tested the Miso in just about every condition imaginable, sans XXL, and with multiple fin setups to really get the full picture on what this board has to offer.

Check out the full review + video on Stab Premium but in the meantime, here are a few highlights:


Surfer: Mikey Ciaramella | 5'5 x 140 lbs (63kg)
Board: Miso | 5'2 x 18.35 x 2.14 x 22.5L

stab joyride miso

"The board felt quick, responsive, and smooth when rolling from rail to rail."

"It had plenty of zip through the lip and made what could have been an incredibly wonky session fun."

"We brought the Miso to one of my favorite right reefs, complete with all the backwash, death spires, and occasionally rifling tube a boy could want. On this particular day, the waves were borderline impossible to navigate, but the Miso met every weird step and chandelier with an equal opposite reaction, keeping me on my feet despite all the waist-bending, knee-flaring, and other technical faults to my approach."

stab joyride rusty miso mikey ciaramella

"I hesitate to use the term all-arounder for any surfboard because the idea that a board can work in all conditions is pretty asinine but the truth of the matter is this board worked in small waves, medium size waves, fast waves, fat waves and hollow waves. It worked as a quad, kinda worked as a twin, and it definitely worked as a thruster as well so I'm really really impressed by the Miso. I think that it's a board that you can get and trust in most every-day conditions."

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