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The Factory: Noah Hill - Magic Batch of Whats? - Episode 1

Meet our new video series, The Factory, where team riders review their boards in the Rusty Surfboards Factory located in San Diego, CA. Noah Hill shares about the What? model and Rapid Entry in Episode 1. Noah has some great insights on what's working for him. One of the main features he likes about his boards is the Rapid Entry (Rusty moved the deepest part of the concave forwards). Learn more about Rapid Entry on our website.

Noah is such a talented surfer and we’re stoked to get his feedback. Rusty works closely with each teamrider to develop the perfect boards for them and is always evolving his shapes. For example, Rapid Entry has had such a positive response, Rusty has been incorporating this feature into other models. Many surfers have been trying it out on the SD model and it's been working amazingly.

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