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The Heckler // Real Watersports Review

With the release of our newest model for 2016, the boys over at Real Watersports have done another killer review, this time, for the Heckler. Trip and Matt from Real Watersports snatched up a couple of Hecklers to test out over a month-long period and here are some of the highlights from their review:

"The Rusty Heckler is the perfect blend of “performance” and “fish” put into one board that helps you surf better on the bottom 2/3rds of the surf you encounter on a daily basis. First off, this board looks insane, and with many boards in this category looking stale, old, or round, this board has an edge to it, so hats off to Rusty for bringing some excitement into average surf, board design. Every surfer and every session came back two thumbs up, as one of the best boards of the year for its given range of use.

Speed, speed, speed. That’s what this board screams when you surf it. With the wide, thinned out dove tail and venturi channel bottom, the Heckler has a BIG GAS PEDAL when you want drive and speed. This board craves to be surfed aggressively and can make really average days super fun. The venturi bottom not only adds extra drive and speed, it also adds a good bit of extra tail rocker behind where it exits the tail. This gives you the ability to crank tighter turns when you need to by positioning your back foot, or weight, or both, further back over that added rocker. The thin rails throughout, add to the ability to confidently crank hard turns and carves when you want to.

Is the venturi bottom a gimmick? It’s impossible to say whether it’s the venturi bottom, or the outline, or the rocker, or the thin profile, or the combination of all of them that make this board work so well. The bottom line is that channel bottoms look straight up sexy and that this board works so well you are immediately drawn to checking out the Rusty Rooster and Rusty Hustler, which also have this same bottom shape. The “feel” up through your feet is extra grip and drive down the line and the ability to push really hard through your turns. Based on the overall performance of this board... it works!"

Check out Real Watersports' written review with photos and more details HERE and make sure to watch their video review of the Heckler above.