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The Perfect Boards for Winter

Winter has finally hit us (officially) and we couldn’t be more psyched for the winter storms that brew and bring us waves to keep us busy during the cold season. With these winter swells bringing more sizable surf it’s idle that we stock up our quivers with a few step ups and big wave boards. Get the perfect winter sled with our models the Blackbird and the Slayer. If you’re looking for boards that can handle sizeable winter swells these boards can and will get the job done!

About the Blackbird

The SR-71 is the fastest manned jet ever built. Blackbird is its nickname. Based on that concept we designed this board to cover ground quickly! Developed for the bigger days chasing down peaks in open waters and battling currents, it is the perfect wave-hawking weapon.It features added volume, an area-forward outline, lower entry rocker and a light vee in the nose, allowing it to paddle into anything, even in the toughest of surf conditions. With a slight single- to double-concave bottom running through the fins and rounded pintail, the Blackbird delivers smooth transitions and fast, clean lines. A heavy hitter for any arsenal!

About the Slayer

The Slayer is part of the Kerrlection series, and is designed as a step-up with four inches taken off at the front end. The wide point is now two inches forward of center instead of two inches back, giving you a little longer rail line yet more control for those tight pockets.And a touch of width to the center, re-blend the front end, giving the board a little fuller nose and relaxed rocker. This combination allows it to paddle well, make drops and fit you into the barrel.