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Torsion Spring Technology: Ideal Conditions

SAN DIEGO, California - Want to know when the Torsion Spring Technology works best? Torsion Spring Technology works great from knee high all the way to double overhead plus and exact conditions will of course vary on the board model in which the Torsion Spring is applied. TST will make you surf faster, quicker and looser with lots of drive. It will outlast your strongest board and yet it will be lightest in your quiver. “Torsion Spring is an awesome new technology, it has an incredible flex responds really well on carves and also on airs,” said Rusty Surfboards team rider Lucas Silveira. Silveira continued, “I was impressed how fast it is and the spring back from the turns get you always with lots of speed. It is light but barely compressed. The board’s pretty strong, I’m stoked!”

Check out Kevin Schulz rip on the Model 8 in TST in the video above!