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Torsion Spring Technology: Shaper’s Concept


SAN DIEGO, California - Rusty Surfboards is proud to announce the release of our new Torsion Spring Technology. The Torsion Spring technology is all about flex and spring. It is a stringerless board, with a waterproof core (WPC) that uses a closed cell foam with minimum water absorption of 0.001%. The Torsion Spring Technology creates a strong structure around the rails through the main part of the board and the 3D perimeter reinforced construction rails around the hull of the board transition to a more dynamic flex pattern of a leaf spring under your back foot. This unique feature harnesses the kinetic energy gathered through the entire board with the ability to release all power with control. It enables the board to create speed at the first turn, keeping it constantly through maneuvers. The board is always ready, loaded with drive yet loose, waiting for your command.

Shaper’s Concept

The idea behind the Torsion Spring is to create a one piece hull where the left side talks to the right side with dynamic flex without losing kinetic energy from the wave. This core gives you the quiet, smooth, feeling of a polyurethane board but the lightness of an EPS board. Fully waterproof, if you get a small ding, you don’t have to worry about ending your session. The Carbon Kevlar tape used along the rail in this 3D perimeter reinforced construction resists buckling. The way it wraps onto the top of the tail in the fin zone frees the tail up and provides extra rebound out of turns. Biaxial cloth is used to increase compression resistance without noticeably affecting the flex. Rusty’s Torsion Spring is a technology that you can apply to just about any model they make.

“The basic concept for the Torsion Spring was/is better performance in the water,” says Pedro Battaglin, long time shaper at Rusty Surfboards. Battaglin continues on to say, “To improve the performance of a regular board we need to change the flex. Surfboards are flexing and torsioning the whole time, on every turn, snap, off the lip, cut back etc. even in the barrel. The way boards flex and most important how they spring back, is what makes a board have a much better performance. The flex and the spring back gets a constant speed under the surfer’s feet, and speed is what fuels up every turn in surfing. The Torsion Spring technology creates this constant speed, makes the board feel lively, and ultimately makes you surf better.”

Check out Clint explain more about the TST in the video above!