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Wade Carmichael Gives 3 Blades to Pack in Your Boot


Rusty team rider Wade Carmichael took 10 mins out of his busy fishing and surfing schedule to break down his favorite Rusty models. Here are his picks:

1. Twin Fin

Starting with a template Rusty used in the 70's & 80's while working with Shaun Tomson as his base Rusty refined the bottom with the addition of a shallow single concave that feeds into the vee. The vee splits into a double in front of the fins and runs off the rail behind the wing. The position of the wing, the back of the fin in conjunction with the concave exiting through the wing makes for solid firm turns. The foil in the rail line is very similar to a modern performance shortboard. Don't think of the Twin Fin as just a small wave board, it's been known to be ridden in some pretty solid head high barrels...

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2. Blade

The Blade is a direct descendant of the famous 1984. In 2014 Rusty Preisendorfer hooked up with Mark “Occy” Occhilupo and did a 100 board reissue of his famous signature “84” model. The Blade works in a wide range of conditions. For now we are offering the Blade in a mellow, subtle single to double concave, that bottom with 4 deep channels, and a modern deep single concave.

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3. Keg

The Keg is the Pro model for Wade Carmichael and his go-to board competing in the WSL. Built for conditions all over the world, from point breaks, beachies, punchy slabs and everything in between. We can’t promise you that you’re going to be able to throw as much spray as Wade does but at least with this board under your feet you’ll know it’s your fault and not the board.

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See the full feature of why Wade chooses these three models to have along with his preferred dims in the video above.