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Watch ‘Scorched’ Starring Noa Deane

Team rider Noa Deane stars in a new short film, 'Scorched'

Late last year, a boat named the Kaimana Royale was chartered in the Mentawais. The invitee list included Dane Reynolds, Kolohe Andino and Noa Deane. The plan? Well, essentially, little more than a return to surfing’s classic values: An Indo boat trip with three pro surfers. 

Noa Deane’s life is a parody. He loathes seriousness and, for the entirety of the boat trip, adopted the persona of the kind of middle-aged man you might find at the Sands Hotel in Noa’s native Coolangatta. Despite his best intentions, Noa accidentally lets profound thoughts slip through on occasion. He does a far worse job of hiding his raw surfing talent.

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