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Wilem Banks // Is It Chill If We Cruise?

Rusty Surfboards ambassador Wilem Banks has just been featured in a new edit that is being showcased on Surfline with a couple of his friends. The video is called Is It Chill If We Cruise and is a vignette of a 3700 mile 2 week road trip in the Pacific Northwest. On their psychedelic journey north the surfers lived a gypsy lifestyle. Camping on the side of the road, trespassing on private property to stay in a abandoned camp, visiting old, and making new friends along the way. They checked every nook, cove, and headland for waves with backdrops that resemble a far off destination. The crew managed to score fun wedges and ramps in some amazing locations.

In the video, Wilem is seen riding his purple Grim Ripper and his orange Blackbird Rusty models. Watch the edit below for some good entertainment.

Surfers: Dane Anderson, Noah Wegrich, Wilem Banks

Video & Edit: Ryan Meichtry

Title Sequence: Ryan Baczek

Music: Eventually by Tame Impala