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Bird Reviews The EggNot

Bird of Bird's Surf Shed put out a review of the EggNot, and we could not be more excited. Bird has been working in the Surf industry for over 50 years, he first started at a local surf shop and has climbed his way up to owning his own shop. Throughout his career he has curated an amazing collection of boards that are on display at Bird's Surf Shed. His opinion is very well respected. 


Bird emphasized that there is nothing new about mid length boards, it is all about how you apply the design theory to the board. He noted that Rusty has had a lot of experience making boards similar boards, which is represented in this model. The EggNot has a higher performance type rail, which Bird commented that it is refreshing for him to see because other mid length boards can bog or get sticky. Another aspect Bird mentioned is that it has 'incredible rocker'. He pointed out that with all of these characteristics, this board is perfect for a variety of conditions and 'it is not just a groverler'. The EggNot also has a variety of fin set ups, Bird would personally ride it as a single fin. 

“This one has the best of all, stand enough, tapered enough, pulled enough where you want it to be pulled, it has great curve in the outline, so that's going to give you real good versatility in terms of turning it. But it has enough straightness here and depending how you want to fin it up its got the drive. You can ride it so many different ways. Rusty is hot on a street of just magnificent shapes, behind that computer every day with designs that come out unbelievably well.” 



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