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Wade Carmichael Presents First Feature Edit: MINT


Filmed during the great COVID-19 break of 2020. Wade and his filmer / long time mate, Jesse Little got to work to 'carpe diem' the year that the rest of the world has decided to write off. Where's 2021 anyway?

Making a video in 2020 has been an absolute mission in itself. Filming started exclusively within their bubble in QLD while the shit hit the fan around the world. Once it became safer, Jesse and Wade started jotting down the coast and even heading to the deep South to score a cone session like no other.

Since joining the team late last year, Wade has been working on his own pro model with Rusty Surfboards. Starting in December last year, Wadeo wanted something fresh from his previous sticks. The DNA of the Keg was born a decade ago when Wade was a grom. Wanting the need to have a utility board that did EVERYTHING. Fine rail riding, tube riding, punts (believe it) and displacing ungodly amounts of water. Wade has been working on the Keg, his pro model with Rusty Preisendorfer as well as Aido Wheeler in Australia for the better part of 6 months.

The Covid break allowed a super long design and feedback time. Accumulating in what we thing is the best all around performance shortboard that we have ever designed.

Don't be fooled by Wade's DNA as a surfer. This thing will do EVERYTHING. Built for conditions all over the world, from point breaks, beaches, punchy slabs and everything in between. We can't promise you that you're going to be able to throw as much spray as Wade does but at least with this board under your feet you'll know it's your fault and not the board.

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Filmed and Edited by Jesse Little

Additional filming by Lachlan McKinnon, Mysurf, Mitch Imgraben, Tyler Gare

Music by Acid King - Electric Machine, Dopelord - Lucifer's Son

Graphics by Rory Ferrante